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Claymore are Back! @ The Memo Music Hall - St.Kilda - Melbourne - Fri 9th September 2022

Claymore are excited to be returning to one of there favourite venues, MEMO Music Hall!

This this will be one of Claymore’s first shows in Australia after Willy comes back from Europe, setting up to the bands next European tour. As ever, they will be joined by their amazing team of Celtic dancers, Glenbrae, as part of the exciting roller coaster ride of music and dance that is Claymore in concert.

Also there very special guests for the evening will be Carolyn Oates

There will be fun for all tae be sure, so get your dancing shoes on and your listening gear in tune for one of the best concert nights coming up in Melbourne at MEMO this year!

If you like your Rock with a kick ass feel and the swirl of bagpipes and all thing Scottish, this is the gig for you.

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