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International Celtic Folk Rock Super Group Claymore The finest in Celtic Folk Rock based in Melbourne Australia, Born in Scotland

“Melbourne outfit Claymore are a unique band within the Australian music scene. Drawing on generations of Irish and Scottish folk tradition, Claymore’s biggest strength lies in their ability to blend it with contemporary sounds, forging a band like no other.” – Australian Musician

International Celtic Folk Rock Super Group Claymore The finest in Celtic Folk Rock based in Melbourne Australia, Born in Scotland
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Prepare to cast aside your preconceptions about Celtic rock bands, for the Melbourne-based sensation known as Claymore is poised to shatter every expectation. In their ranks, a mysterious collective of virtuosos, masters of numerous instruments, not only unite the traditional facets of Celtic music but electrify it with an undeniably contemporary fervor. It's a rare art to weave the threads of tradition into the fabric of the modern era, yet for Claymore, it's a specialty. And they don't stop at that; they craft exquisite original Celtic compositions, and even breathe their distinct vitality into powerful rock classics, all with a captivating Irish and Scottish twist.

Elevated to the status of a premier Australian Celtic band on the global stage, Claymore boasts an impressive discography and a glittering legacy of festival triumphs. They've commanded the headline spot at Australia's largest folk gathering, leaving audiences awe-struck in their wake. The band possesses an insatiable hunger for delivering a unique, powerful musical odyssey, and that's precisely what they deliver. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they reign supreme in the Gaelic genre. In the more than two decades since their inception, they've produced five remarkable albums and conquered international stages, from the heart of New York to the verdant hills of Scotland and the captivating shores of New Zealand. Their signature sound has echoed through the historic Festival Interceltique De Lorient in France, a testament to their prowess. Their musical journey has also left an indelible mark on major Australian festivals like the National Celtic Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Big Blues Day Out, Perth International Arts Festival, and Brunswick Music Festival, to name just a few. This impressive musical résumé is a testament to their ceaseless dedication.

While many Celtic groups may pass through the annals of time, sounding eerily similar to one another, Claymore stands apart in the power and dynamism they infuse into their music. They infuse a modern flavor and a distinctly Australian essence into their melodies, carrying the timeless themes of tradition into the future and resonating with audiences of all ages. The resounding beats of the Bodhran in the battle anthems of the Jacobite rebellion and the mesmerizing drone of the pipes in the haunting love ballads of Scotland and Ireland captivate Claymore's followers, transporting them on an exhilarating journey through the most fiery and tender nuances of Celtic music. Their style may be classified as new-age folk music, but it pulsates with more passion, fire, and exuberance than any genre can contain. With a diverse ensemble of sounds, from guitar and mandolin to fiddle, military snare, highland bagpipes, and even the haunting notes of a didgeridoo, it's no wonder that Claymore has earned acclaim on the global stage.

While their music resonates eternally through recordings, with fans clamoring to acquire their CDs at live performances, it's in their stage act that Claymore truly shines. Celtic music is known for its vibrancy, but in the hands of Claymore, it transcends tradition. Their live performance transcends what you might expect from a typical folk band; it is a spectacle akin to a rock stadium extravaganza. Whether they're captivating an intimate crowd in a dimly lit pub or electrifying a boisterous multitude at a festival, Claymore consistently delivers a pitch-perfect performance. It's not surprising, considering that each member of Claymore boasts a stellar musical career and an individual mastery of several instruments. With the infectious energy of their instrumentation and the seamless synergy of the performers, each of whom possesses the versatility to master multiple instruments with effortless grace, there's something about this band that quickens the pulse and finds a home in the soul of every music enthusiast. An encounter with Claymore is an indelible experience, and whether you know their songs by heart or are hearing them for the first time, whether you understand the lyrics or not, one thing is certain – you'll fall head over heels for their music and their enchanting artistry.


William Hutton (lead vocals, guitar & Bodhran, Manager) – born in Scotland, William is the founding member of Claymore. He’s performed extensively throughout Australia and overseas and is recognised as one of the finest singers of traditional songs. This, coupled with a strong knowledge of the history of Celtic music puts him at the forefront of his field. He is also a laugh a minute – it would be hard to pick a more entertaining and enigmatic front man.


Michael Doyle (guitar, mandolin, fiddle, Bodhran & vocals) – born in Melbourne, Michael is one of the most acclaimed lead guitarists in the music world. His accomplishments include a long playing career with Colleen Hewitt and a hit single ‘Winner’ with the 1980s rock group Atlantis. He is equally at home on the mandolin and is also an impressive vocalist.


Grant Scroggie (highland bagpipes, guitar, tin whistle, vocals & Bodhran) – born in Melbourne, Grant is easily one of the most recognised and impressive pipers in the world today. He evolved from the Australian Pipe Band scene to join the Celtic circuit and used his invaluable training to bring spark and expertise to Claymore. He is a multi-instrumentalist who masters everything he tries his hand at with consummate skill.


Craig Scroggie (drums, percussion & vocals) – born in Melbourne, Craig has been playing percussion since he was eight, including drum kit, congas, bongos, timbales, timpani, pipe band and military snare. He was ranked as one of the top drummers in the world at the 1994 World Drumming Championships in Glasgow and has been teaching percussion for over 15 years. He has also won numerous drumming awards in Australia and New Zealand.


Dash McIvor (bass guitar, Didge & vocals) – As well as being an award winning Producer/Engineer & qualified Music Teacher, Dash is also a competent Multi-Instrumentalist, Before joining Claymore, Dash had a long history of being proficient in a myriad of styles with an eclectic range of artists such as Thelma Houston, Peter Sarstedt, Kamahl, Jon Pertwee, Tony Bennet, Phil Manning, Angry Anderson, Max Bygraves, Normie Rowe, Col Elliott, Jean Stafford, Ronnie Burns, Johnny Chester, & Peggy Seeger to name but a few. He’s now the driving Celtic heart of Claymore.


Mick Mills (drums & percussion) – born in Canberra, Mick has been playing music since he was 14 and, in that time, has mastered the likes of the guitar, drums, percussion and the piano to name a few. He has toured Australia and the US in concert bands and spent literally hundreds of hours as a session/recording artist. He has also performed in original bands such as Paris Calling, Undermind and DDM.


David Carr (Lead Guitar, Vocals) – David is an incredible musician and a master of many instruments

The lead guitar being the shining jewel in his arsenal. He is a very accomplished recording engineer with his own very successful recording studio located in the rolling hills behind Melbourne, “Rangemaster”.

Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, audio engineer, producer, mixdown engineer, broadcaster

Jack of all trades – Master of All.


Robert Iurato (sound engineer) – no band is complete without a fantastic sound engineer and Robert is undisputedly one of the best. He’s been in the audio industry for over 20 years, serving his training in the 1980s with an audio production company from where he progressed to work overseas in New York for a number of years in some of the top recording studios in the world. He is responsible for overseeing Claymore’s concert productions and front of house sound engineering.  

The Glenbrae Dancers - The Glenbrae Celtic Dancers  aim to maintain the traditions of Scottish dancing and to make it appealing to the participants by introducing both traditional and modern choreography. Ages range from 4 years upwards.

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Some performance highlights:


  • Skagen Festival Denmark

  • National Celtic festival Australia

  • Port Fairy Festival Australia

  • Festival Interceltique, Lorient France

  • Performances at the Celebration of the Celts in the USA and New York

  • Apollo Bay Festival

  • Glenn Innes Celtic Festival

  • Perth international arts Festival Watershed

  • Australian National Festival (Canberra)

  • Brunswick Festival

  • Stringy Bark Festival

  • Kilmore Festival

  • Three seasons at The Country Club Casino, Tasmania

  • Thredbo Blues Festival

  • The Myer Music Bowl Melbourne Australia Day
    Plus Many More…..




  • “Claymore" (1988)

  • "The Heather Will Fade” (1993)

  • “Tribute” (1999)

  • “Celtic Music in Australia” – live compilation album (2000)

  • “For Folks Sake” (2001).

  • “A wee Bit Of Claymore” (2004)

  • “Live @ the Emerald Lounge” (2007)

  • “Reflection” (2008)

  • “Firkin Live” (2009) DVD

  • “Claymore Live Across Australia CD (2016)

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